HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy- Update

Some of you lovely people have been asking for an update on my HBOT - which I did promise then failed (forgot) to deliver! Standard.

I managed 4 sessions in total - an induction to 8 feet, then a 16 ft, then a 24 ft and then only a 10 ft.

I had to stop. I was really struggling with the compression process. I think I have eustation tube dysfunction - a result of series of regular untreated tonsillitis, ear infections and sinusitis from my childhood right through to my early 30's.

I had wondered before I started the treatments if I would have a problem as in my 20's one sea dive left me with a three day migraine and a bleeding nose. And I am a nightmare on a plane.

So basically in the chamber I couldn't clear my right ear and it was incredibly painful and that pain would stay right through the session (1.5 hours). This in turn this made me anxious ( I get anxious very easily now) which in turn worsened my POTS and made me exhausted.

However it only happened on my last 2 sessions??

I have felt also that since COVID I feel congested all the time - no doubt histamine intolerance. . I doubled up before my last session but the antihistamines didn't seem to help.

I do wonder if I was able to "descend" at a slower rate that that might help but unfortunately you have to share the compression chamber with seasoned HBOT users so the time to descend is pretty fixed.

What I will say though was even with though small number of sessions ( I was aiming for 10) I felt less physically fatigued, I felt way less breathless and I wasn't as incontinent as much (sorry TMI).

But the real difference was I felt more like my old self. Claire, one of the lovely staff at the centre, even said "you seem much brighter in yourself" and I really did. My brain fog had cleared a little and I felt I could have a near normal conversation with someone and want to. This is a huge step for someone with Long Covid.

So the question is would I recommend it even though I couldn't tolerate it?

The answer is definitely yes for these reasons:

  • it made me less breathless

  • it made me less incontinent

  • it made my brain fog lessen

  • it made me less fatigued overall but I was tired after the season and the journey

  • if it wasn't for the ear pain I would have continued

  • it was nice to meet other people as I have been isolated for so long

  • I met other people with Long Covid to swap stories with

I have now switched to a home oxygen concentrator which I try to use for an hour a day - it's not as good but does help a little.

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