Long Covid In Children are the leading force in the UK, promoting the fact that children are also suffering from Long Covid. They did a survey of their Facebook members. Of 162 parents that responded 86% of their children still had ongoing symptoms at 3 months. This was mostly (50%) in primary school age children age 6-11 years, 40% in secondary school age 11-18 and the remaining 10% pre school age 0-5 years. Long Covid was found to be relapsing and remitting in nature, the Coronacoaster, and occurred in mostly Caucasian and mostly female children. Though we have to expect self-selection and reporting bias here. Symptoms were:

Fatigue 75%

Stomach ache 68%

Headache 62%

Sore throat 52%

Muscle aches 50%

They have started to enrol children onto the PeopleWith app to monitor and identify symptoms. They have so far identified 203 unique symptoms including anxiety, brain fog, chest pain, nausea and insomnia.

I attended the international #longcovidforum on the 9-10 December. Despite the huge amounts of money being invested into Covid-19 research only 45 out of 5000 research studies were looking at Long Covid and of these NONE involved children. Children and their parents truly are one of the unheard voices in this pandemic.

The have written an article in the British medical Journal " Counting Long Covid in Children" to try and rectify this.

If your children are suffering from Long Covid and you need support and advice please join them on their website or on Instagram @long_covid_kids or on Facebook Long Covid Kids Parents Support Group.

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