The Dr Bruce Patterson Protocol - lived experiences

The IncellDx protocol in the USA which is under "trial" in the UK and Europe so may soon be available for others with Long Covid. You can currently register your interest at

It focuses on defective Monocytes (a type of white blood cell) which are part of the innate immune system and recruited when our bodies are under viral attack from SARS-CoV-2. IncellDx firstly test for persistent inflammatory cytokines and then start a drug protocol of a combination of the following:

  • Ivermectin - has antiviral properties

  • Steroid - which reduces inflammation

  • Statin - commonly used in dyslipidaemia/high LDL-cholesterol this stops the monocyte cells from attaching to endothelial cells on the blood vessels

  • Fluvoxamine - a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor commonly used in anxiety and depression. This reduces the production of inflammatory cytokines.

  • Maraviroc - is in an antiretroviral drug and stops the movement of monocytes

For more on this please see my post:

I put a call out to RoseCottageDoc followers who had experience undergoing IncellDx testing - thank you so much to those of you who responded. Today Kate kindly shares her experience with us. She is a nurse living in the UK and is part of the IncellDx 'trial'.

"I unfortunately became ill with Covid-19 in March 2020. I had the loss of taste/smell, cough and fever, before then being hit with fatigue and shortness of breath that made stairs a workout in themselves. I returned to work after 2.5 weeks and was able to function, although I it was another 6 weeks before I was able to return to exercise due to shortness of breath. Approximately 6 weeks after this, I started to notice that I was exhausted and became acutely short of breath until it got so bad that I ended up at A+E as I was struggling to talk in sentences.

They did an x-ray and bloods and discharged me saying that I was fine, which I obviously wasn’t, but I struggled on for a few more days before speaking to a GP who gave me antibiotics because at this point, I was completely exhausted and breathless and couldn’t face going to the Covid clinic as I didn’t have the energy.

My symptoms were worse when I lay down and I felt like I was suffocating, I would go to bed wondering if I would see the morning. I am a nurse, very active and am usually very stoic, but this was by far the scariest experience of my life, having to contemplate the thought of dying.

Luckily the antibiotics gave me relief, until I stopped them and they gave me a further 4 weeks of antibiotics and presumed that it was pneumonia. I had 3 months on the sofa, with no energy to even talk to friends, walk the dogs or shower. These were very dark days and I struggled a lot, particularly as tests were showing no abnormalities and I was dismissed time after time.

When I returned to work my symptoms seemed more evident- brain fog, fatigue and shortness of breath blighted me. I gave myself a needlestick injury and felt unsafe because even easy tasks seemed so difficult.

One day I couldn’t get out of bed as I had developed flu-like symptoms, almost like my body had given up. I have been off sick ever since and have had so many weird symptoms that seem to come and go in waves, but the worst being brain fog and fatigue. This was also exacerbated after my first covid vaccine, where I took a backwards step, having a further 6 weeks of antibiotics.

During this illness, I have tried everything from weird and wonderful supplements, sauna, cold showers, osteopathy, meditation and a keto based diet.

I have had numerous tests after finally speaking to a GP who has an interest in Long Covid and took me seriously. These have mostly come back as normal so when the opportunity came to have some bloods done as a trial for Dr Patterson IncellDX company in USA, I jumped at the chance and I am so glad I did.

They perform a more in-depth cytokine study including TNF-a, IL-4, IL-6, IL-2, RANTES, IFN-y, IL-8, VEGF and CCL4.

On receiving my results, it indicated that I had multiple raised cytokines and this may be why my symptoms were still present so long after initial infection. What I knew is that I certainly was not normal! Having these bloods has been beneficial in the validation of my Long Covid. The IncellDX team recommended Ivermectin, low dose steroids, statin and fluoxetine for a stated time period, all to help calm my immune system.

It's very early days into treatment and at present I can’t have my bloods repeated as they are still setting the services up for the UK, however my brain fog is much improved with taking this concoction and I almost feel back to myself when I take these

Honestly it was the best feeling after feeling so ill and lifeless for the last 18 months!!

Unfortunately the steroids aren’t ideal long term so I am just hoping that my body resets, as I feel that they help so much. My post exertional malaise has also improved and I certainly have a higher tolerance to mild physical and mental exertion.

It has been a horrible rollercoaster of symptoms, emotions, fatigue and breathlessness for the last 18 months, placing strain on my relationships and also being financially affected as I am not directly employed by the NHS. At many points I have wondered if I will be able to return to my career but now I feel more hopeful and positive for the future. I realise that this journey is far from linear and there is a long road ahead…but maybe….just maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel".

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